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Manuals and BlowAparts

Manuals Prefix Updated
17B Handle and Weights 17BHDL
Weights WGHTS
Troubleshooting TRBL
Torque Specs TORQ
Supply Pressure Requirements and Tables SUPR
SuperLite 17C Handle and Side Weight 17C
SuperLite® 17B Neck Clamp Area (Including Internal Chin Strap and Yoke) 17BNK
SuperFlow® Regulator SF
SuperFlow® 450 Regulator SF450
SuperFlow® 350 Regulator SF350
Stainless Steel Side Block SSB
Stainless Steel Helmets with SuperFlow® 350 or 455 Balanced Regulator Pod POD
Stainless Steel Helmets with REX Pod REXPOD
Snap Tabs, Chin Strap, Swing Catch, Sealed Pull Pins Stainless Steel SSBTM
SL 27® Water Dump 27WTR
REX Regulator and Oral Nasal REX
Quad Valve and Tri-Valve® Exhaust QUAD
Overpressure Relief Valve OPRV
Oral Nasal Mask (350/450/455) ON
One Way Valve OWV
Neck Ring Assembly, Locking Collar and Front Stand Offs NKDM
KM Diamond DIAMD
KM Diamond Water Purge Assembly Maintenance and Testing KMDWP
KM Diamond Surface Bypass Valve Maintenance and Testing KMSBV
KM Diamond Exhaust Regulator Maintenance and Testing KMDEX
KM Diamond Final Test KMFNL
Inspection and Maintenance IM
Head Cushion, Head Cushion Foam Spacer (HCFS) and Chin Cushion HDCSH
Handle on Stainless Steel Helmets SSHNDL
Handle on Fiberglass Helmets HNDL
General Preventative Maintenance GENPRE
General Information KMDSI Products INFO
Face Port, Port Retainer and Nose Block FCPRT
Description and Operational Specifications DOS
Communications on SuperLite® 17B and 17C Helmets, KMB 18 and 28 BandMasks® 17COM
Communications, Modular COM
Chin Strap, Sealed Pull Pins and Swing Catch for Fiberglass Helmets BTM
Brass/Chromed Brass Side Block SB
Bent Tube BNT
BandMask Tri-Valve Exhaust BTRI
BandMask Hood, Face Seal, Band Keepers and Head Harness HBNK
Accessories ACC
455 Balanced Regulator 455BAL
17B Head Cushion 17BHC
SuperFlow® First Stage Regulator (P/N 305-161) Maintenance Manual
Operating Instructions OPIN
KMACS-5 Manual
Switchover Open Circuit Regulator Assembly (P/Ns 805-001 & 805-050) Maintenance Manual
Maintenance and Repair Log Book (Checklist Pages Only)
Surface Supplied Pod Assembly (P/N 805-225) Maintenance Manual
Balanced SCUBA Second Stage Regulator (P/N 200-120) Maintenance Manual
EXO Original and EXO Balanced Regulator Full Face Mask Manual
Rebreather Pod (P/Ns 805-006, 805-011, 805-080 & 805-082) Maintenance Manual
Manuals Prefix Updated
Neck Ring Assemblies BlowApart
SL 17C and 27 Neck Ring Assemblies BlowApart
KM 97 Blowapart
KM 37SS Blowapart
KM 47 BlowApart
KM 57 BlowApart
KM 37 Blowapart
Surface Supplied MOD-1 BlowApart
Scuba Pod Assembly w/ Tilt-to- Purge 805-015 BlowApart
SL 27® Blowapart
SuperFlow® First Stage Regulator 305-161 BlowApart
KM Diamond Blowapart
KM 77 Blowapart
KMB 18 BlowApart
Communication Assemblies BlowApart
[OLD] Communication Assemblies BlowApart
SL 17C BlowApart
SL 17B BlowApart
Side Block BlowApart
KMB 28 BlowApart
KMACS-5 BlowApart
Balanced Scuba Regulator 200-120 BlowApart
Stainless Steel Side Block BlowApart
455 Balanced Regulator Blowapart
Stainless Steel Locking Collar BlowApart
SuperFlow® 450 Regulator BlowApart
Rebreather Pod 805-080 BlowApart
EXO Standard and Original BlowApart [Discontinued]
Plastic Non-Adjustable Second Stage SCUBA Regulator (Octopus) 305-171 BlowApart
Metal Second Stage SCUBA Regulator 305-175 Blowapart
Plastic Second Stage SCUBA Regulator 305-166 Blowapart
Switchover Regulator 805-050 BlowApart
SCUBA Pod w/Balanced Purge Tube 805-026 BlowApart
Manifold Block BlowApart
M-48 Mod-1 BlowApart
M-48 SuperMask BlowApart
505-008 SL 17A/B Neck Clamp/Yoke Assembly BlowApart
REX Regulator BlowApart
SuperFlow® 350 BlowApart
SuperFlow® Regulator BlowApart