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Kirby Morgan® Helmets

The Kirby Morgan Diamond® is specially designed to be part of a surface supply and exhaust return diving system.

The Kirby Morgan 97 features the 455 Balanced Regulator. The 455 is an all stainless steel regulator with superior breathing performance

The SL 17B Helmet set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide.

The SuperLite 27 gives the working diver a compact, reliable and extremely comfortable helmet.

For the diver that demands the rigorously tested, best selling larger shell of the SuperLite® 17C coupled with the versatility of mounting brackets and port side cheek weight, the SL 17C is the ideal fit.

No longer in Production.Spares are available.

The Kirby Morgan 57 features our SuperFlow® 450 Stainless Balanced Regulator.

No longer in Production.Spares are available.

The Kirby Morgan 47 features the high performance, all stainless steel REX regulator.

No longer in Production.Spares are available.

Kirby Morgan 77 features the all stainless steel REX regulator, as well as a stainless sideblock, helmet ring, handle, and other key components.

The Kirby Morgan 37 continues our tradition of providing the highest quality and superior performance.

For the diver who wants an all metal helmet, with the sleek style of the 37, the stainless steel KM 37SS helmet is the way to go.