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SuperFlow Scuba Nonadjustable Regulator (Octopus)


SuperFlow Scuba Reg Non Top Tab

SuperFlow® Scuba Nonadjustable Regulator (Octopus)

The Second Stage Nonadjustable is the same design as the adjustable but without the Dial-a-Breath® adjustment feature. It makes an excellent octopus back up regulator.

The SuperFlow® SCUBA Nonadjustable Regulator is not CE approved, however, it is CR rated.

Part Number 305-171

  • SuperFlow Scuba Nonadjustable Regulator


As a backup, octopus regulator, may be used with:
  • EXO-BR Mask

    The EXO® full face masks were designed for both surface-supplied and scuba diving. By enclosing the divers eyes, nose and mouth, the EXO® permits nearly normal speech when used in conjunction with most wireless, and all hardwire underwater communication systems.

  • M-48 MOD-1
    The M-48 MOD-1 is the next generation of the popular original M-48 mask. It still features the unique 2-cavity design. This allows the lower pod to be removed while topside to conserve air, and allows normal speech while diving. It may also be used with a variety of different communication systems.
  • M-48 SuperMask

    The patented Kirby Morgan SuperMask® is a lightweight modular full face mask that allows for easy and rapid adaptation to various self contained underwater breathing apparatuses as well as surface supplied systems.