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First Stage w/Balanced Second Stage Regulator Assembly


Balanced Scuba Regulator w/First Stage

First Stage w/Balanced Second Stage Regulator

The new Balanced second stage scuba regulator (P/N 200-120) shares basic components and design features found on the KM 97 helmet’s 455® Balanced regulator.

The uniquely shaped exhaust whisker diverts exhaust bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision. This scuba regulator’s overall breathing performance is outstanding and easily exceeds all European CE requirements when used with the Kirby Morgan® CE approved first stage regulator (P/N 305-161) or other CE approved first stage regulators (those with a minimum intermediate supply pressure of 135 psig).

The Balanced scuba regulator, as well as the other Kirby Morgan® scuba regulators, are recommended for use in water 50°F (10°C) or warmer. For the Balanced second stage with SuperFlow® First stage Assembly, order P/N 200-150.

Part Number 200-150

  • First Stage w/Balanced Second Stage Regulator
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Balanced Scuba Regulator w/first stage tabber

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