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VIDEO: Kirby Morgan Modular Full Face Mask Diving

Divers off the coast of Santa Barbara, California experience the innovation of modular full face mask diving, featuring the Kirby Morgan M-48 MOD-1.

Kirby Morgan Modular Full Face Masks: the M-48 SuperMask® and the MOD-1 are unique because they are modular and consist of two separate parts. The two parts connect together to form a watertight seal that protects and enables the delivery of gas to the diver, in the same way traditional full face masks do.

The upper cavity (lens body) is separated from the lower cavity by a water seal in the mask skirt. To visualize and understand both M-48 models is to look at them as traditional half masks with a lower jaw frame attached.

This lower frame retains the diver’s choice of breathing units, such as demand regulator, DSV/BOV or KMDSI rebreather POD. When this POD is sealed to the mask it transforms and performs as a full face mask.