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New Hood and Face Seal Assemblies

New Hood and Face Seal Assemblies

The new hood and face seal assemblies are available in three different sized (S, M, L) molded face seals that can be combined with two different sized hoods, small and large.

Once correctly sized (go to BandMasks for face measurement system), the new face seals fit against the diver's face better for improved safety and comfort. The face seals are molded out of a durable synthetic rubber that does not require foam backing. The ear pockets are also molded into the face seals for added protection of the communications.

The new hood & face seal assemblies retrofit to all earlier KMB-Band Masks® 18 and 28 but require longer bronze band screws (530-097). The new longer bronze band screws simplify the installation of the hood & face seal assemblies, solve the stainless on stainless galling issues and retrofit onto all KMB-Band Masks®.

See bulletin #2 of 2012 for more info.