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New and Improved Head Cushion

New and Improved Head Cushion

Improved Design
The updated design of the head cushion includes a 16 inch zipper (instead of only Velcro closures) with a three pocket system for easier replacement of the foam. The foam is now beveled, or shaped to conform better to the contours of the helmet for better fit and comfort.

Custom Fit
The 510-683 chin cushion has been improved as well. When all these products are used together, they comprise a "system" that enables a customized and comfortable fit for all users of the Kirby Morgan helmets.

Earphone holes are no longer present in the side pieces, but may be cut if the user prefers. The outer shell is made of a durable, nylon based material and a webbing strap has been added to strengthen the mounting snaps. Velcro has also been applied to the exterior for attachment of the head cushion foam spacer (HCFS, p/n 525-745 The HCFS kit was originally announced October 2010 -See Bulletin #4 of 2010 for more information).

A loop has been added to the top of the head cushion for ease of drying, along with a snap on the back for the convenience of attaching the chin cushion while drying. The material of all three products is laser cut to prevent the edges from fraying or unraveling.

See bulletin #4 of 2012 for more info.