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BandMask 28

Bulletin # 01 of 2014


It has been brought to the attention of commercial diving industry professionals that some Kirby Morgan® products (primarily spare parts) are being sold to unwary customers through unauthorized channels, such as from mobile “shops”; that is, parts sold out of trucks or vans, by un-licensed, un-certified persons that do not have the knowledge, authority, or support to back up their sales with service, warranties, or verification that these parts are correct or genuine.

SuperFlow® 350 Regulator

This all metal, fully adjustable, Commercial Rated™ demand regulator provides easy breathing and excellent performance with low pressure compressors.

Bulletin # 01 of 1997

The purpose of this Caution Bulletin is to remind all end users and owners of any Diving Systems International Kirby Morgan Deep Sea Diving Equipment that the pre-dive inspection and check of all working components is extremely important.

Bulletin # 01 of 2004

An incident occurred where an emergency valve assembly, 505-070, cracked causing an air leak, then upon inspection, broke off from the side block assembly, ( 505-024 ) on a KMB 18 mask. Extensive tests have been performed by KMDSI, to determine what, if anything, during assembly or manufacture, may have led to this. Also, metallurgical analysis has been performed to determine if the proper material was used based on the material certification on file. Nothing in the testing points to anything obvious being wrong either before or after testing.

Bulletin # 01 of 2005

We have discovered an inconsistency with some of our regulator assemblies P/N 505-069 that were manufactured between January 1, 2005 to March 1, 2005. The tube that holds the inlet valve and lever arm on some of these units in this batch are misaligned and consequently the lever arm sits offset. This offset if large enough will not allow the lever to travel smoothly and may increase the inhalation effort. Regulators that have this configuration should be taken out of service and not used until they have been replaced.

Bulletin # 01 of 2005


Bulletin # 01 of 2007

A KMDSI dealer recently received three SL-17B helmet shells for insert repair. Upon receipt it was noticed that the shells had been painted. Because there was no documentation of previous repair or refinishing, the dealer informed the customer that no work could be done until all the paint had been removed and a complete inspection performed.

Bulletin # 01 of 2008

The practice of installing a dry suit inflation whip with modified fittings onto a KM 37 side block has been reported to IMCA.

Bulletin 1 of 2008

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc. has advised the following:

♦ The modification to the side block assembly shown in the photograph above, is not recommended

♦ The leverage on the brass fitting is extremely high giving a high potential for breakage

Bulletin # 04 of 2011

A questionable fit with several regulator diaphragms, (p/n 510-553), was reported when being replaced during routine
For inspection reference, these diaphragms can be visually identified by the smooth shiny appearance of the rubber.
Earlier production batches of this part showed more of a satin, dull finish and have not exhibited any fit issues and do
not require this measurement inspection.
It is recommended that all spare parts be inspected for this condition This includes spare regulator diaphragms, the


It’s safe to say that the Kirby Morgan® BandMask® is one of the key products that ushered in the modern era of commercial diving, starting back in the 1960s. Today’s version of this classic surface supplied, full face mask has an improved breathing system, more secure bands, and numerous other improvements.


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