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  1. Q:
    The most often asked for thread sizes

    Brass Adapter (on One Way Valve): 1/4 inch NPT-O2

    Emergency Valve Outlet: 9/16 -18 inch UNF 2A (USA “standard scuba”)

    Small LP Ports 3/8 inch-24 UNF 2B

    Large LP Ports 1/2 inch -20 UNF 2A

  2. Q:
    What are the air inlet & outlet fittings on the KMACS-5?

    The LP inlet: #8 male JIC

    The primary air outlets: #6 male JIC

    The pneumo outlets#4 male JIC

  3. Q:
    Does Kirby Morgan offer quick disconnects?

    We do not make or handle Quick Disconnects (quick disconnect whip assembly - for between the sideblock emergency valve and the divers bailout bottle first stage regulator) but you would be able to source quick disconnects through many of our dealers. Please see our authorized dealers.

  4. Q:
    I need an inspection on my Kirby Morgan product. Do I send it to Kirby Morgan?

    We ask that you send it to one of our authorized dealers for inspections.

  5. Q:
    How do I become a trained technician?

    Below is a list of all our current Kirby Morgan Dealers that are certified in maintenance and repair technician courses:


    61 (0)2 9545 35000
    Unit 13, 21025 Monro Avenue, Kirrawee, NSW, Sydney, Australia 2232
    (61) 089 337-6367
    Unit 2, No. 6 Parkinson Lane, KARDINYA WA 6163
    (61) 29 524-0466
    Unit 33C, 1-3 Endeavor Road, Caringbah, NSW 2229, Australia


    +32 (0) 15 43 0131
    Steenhoevestraat 4, 2800 Mechelen


    +55(11) 5524-3918 / 5524-4072
    Rua Augusto Ferreira de Morais, 282, CEP: 04763-000, Socorro - São Paulo – SP, Brazil


    6820 Kirkpatrick Crescent, Saanichton, BC V8M 1Z9
    902-876-0555 (800-616-3483)
    Unit 11, #2 Lakeside Park Drive


    Complejo Empresarial San Andres, Bernardino 1057, modulo 1, Flexcenter, Puerto Montt, Chile


    86 1501 763 7856
    101 Nanxing Ge, Block 25, Haiwan Garden , Haichang Street, Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China PC: 518067
    852-2735 7790
    Units 41 - 51, 12/Fl., Block B, Profit Industrial Building, 1 - 15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong


    39 (0) 41 538 1517
    Via Bottenigo 147 / A, 30175 Marghera, Venice, Italy

    Czech Republic

    00420 222 947 314
    Ceskoslovenske Armady 13, Prague 6, Czech Republic, 160 00


    +33 (0)3 28535939
    Immeuble Le Leeds 253, Boulevard de Leeds, 59777 Lille, France
    +33 (0)483424595
    2742 Av. John Kennedy, 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages, France


    +49 (0)2605 9626013
    Im Feenwalde 8,, D-56290 Macken, Germany
    +49 421 37788-0
    Konsul-Smidt-Str. 15, Bremen, 28 094


    Via Bottenigo 147 / A, 30175 Marghera, Venice



    +52 984 688 34 80
    Carretera Federal Tulum - Cancun km 293.7, mza 2 lt 21 local 8, Col. Ejidal, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo


    31 (0) 162 52 22 02
    Ramgatseweg 27, 4941 VN Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands
    Conradweg 22, 4612 PD, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
    +31 10 2151053
    Brielselaan 69C, 3081AA, PO Box 59053, 3008 PB, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


    47 41 41 44 90
    Tollbodgt 3, N-5527 Haugesund, Norway
    35 96 34 88
    Stoa 29, 3970 Langesund, Norway


    (507) 441-6907
    Comercial Coco Solito, Manzana CO 3-2, Locales C-7, C-8, C-9, Colon Free Zone, Colon, Panama


    58 711 76 85
    Ocean-Tech Sp. Z o.o., ul. Kaszubska Droga 13, 80-209 Chwaszczyno, Poland


    21 210 9260
    Estrada Nacional nº10, km18, 2830-411 Coina, PORTUGAL


    65 6265 8122
    No. 1 Gul Street 4, Singapore 629233
    65 6266 4566
    24 Pioneer Crescent, #03-09 West Park BizCentral, Singapore 628557


    39 (0) 41 538 1517
    Via Bottenigo 147 / A, 30175 Marghera, Venice, Italy

    South Africa

    27 21 534-3600
    152 - 156 Gunners Circle, Epping Industrial, Cape Town, South Africa 7460

    South Korea

    82 2 4300 678
    66-3, Chungung-ro 207beon-gil, Hanam-si, Gyenggi-do, Republic of Korea 465-080


    + 34 952 24 68 63
    Calle Pascal, Nº 36, 29004, Malaga, Spain
    34 95 247 3230
    Pol.Ind La Vega,, Nave N19 ESP 2965O,, Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain

    United Arab Emirates

    WS124B, Dubai Maritime City, next to Port Rashid, Mina, United Arab Emirates

    United Kingdom

    01482 876999
    3D HARPINGS ROAD, Hull, HU5 4JF, England
    01224 740 145
    Enterprise Drive, Westhill Industrial Estate, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6TQ, Scotland, UK
    +44 (0)1772 687775
    Blackpool Road, Newton, Preston, Lancashire PR4 3RE

    United States

    19004 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98036
    1415 Moylan Rd., Panama City Beach, FL. 32407
    2396 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA 70056
    8143 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights, Ohio, 44147
  6. Q:
    Wasn't Kirby Morgan going to make a helmet with a full sized large view port called the KM 67?
    Plans for the KM 67 Helmet have been postponed / release date undetermined.
  7. Q:
    Is Kirby Morgan really making a new Miller Diving Helmet?

    At this time, we are not manufacturing Miller Diving helmets and currently do not have a future production date.
    There will be an industry notification sent out once we have made a decision regarding the availability of Miller Diving helmets.

    Please note that Miller 400 spares remain available through our Authorized Miller Diving Dealer network. You can find a full list of authorized Miller Diving Dealers on the website at www.millerdiving.com/dealers.

  8. Q:
    Can I still get the earlier non wing style whiskers for my Helmet/Bandmask
    Yes. The non-wing style are still available! Just ask for 510-766, 510-767 starboard and port whiskers. They are for use on units with quad/tri valve exhaust assemblies.
  9. Q:
    Will Kirby Morgan be making a stainless steel version of the SuperLite® 17B or 27 Helmet?
    We are sorry but there are no plans to produce a stainless steel SuperLite® 17B or 27 Helmet.
  10. Q:
    Can I get the KMACS-5 without its case?
    The case (p/n 420-101) is an integral part of the design, building & shipping of the precision made interior workings of the KMACS-5. We therefore do not offer the KMACS-5 without the case. All KMACS-5s leave our factory installed into their cases.
  11. Q:
    Does Kirby Morgan have parts, manuals, or exploded views for my KMB 10?
    We are sorry but we have no parts, manuals or support for the KMB 10. Due to safety concerns, we are not able to offer advice on keeping the KMB 10 or earlier models (KMB 8, 9) in service. The KMB 10 was discontinued by US Divers twenty five years ago. These masks have completed their service life. Because this is life support equipment, in the interest of diver safety we recommend only that the old equipment be upgraded to newer, serviceable models such as the KMB 18 or KMB 28 Band Masks.
  12. Q:
    What can I do about the appearance of “rust like” discoloration on my Kirby Morgan stainless steel helmet? Is it rust?


    Have you seen what appears to be rust?
    Kirby Morgan would like to assure all dealers and SS helmet owners, that the helmet shells are not actually rusting. All of these helmet shells and other main components, are cast and machined from a highly corrosion resistant grade of 316L stainless steel. The investment casting process can produce a very good finish, but this still requires more processing to be acceptable. Each helmet shell is initially hand finished, then, it is processed to a very smooth surface using specialized friction finishing equipment. Even after all this processing, these smooth surfaces will still have small surface porosity that can trap foreign matter, some of which can “rust”. This is what will make the surfaces appear to be rusting. This foreign matter that may be trapped, needs to be cleaned away, and the surfaces need to be protected. Basic cleaning and protection should be performed on a regular basis and may need to be performed more often depending on what type of environment the helmets are used in. NOTE, This “Rusting” issue can also be seen on Fiberglass helmet shells and chrome plated brass parts. It is what is stuck to those surfaces that is “rusting”. Not the fiberglass or chrome.

    Cleaning Procedures for the stainless steel helmet
    Thoroughly clean the components with a cleaning soap such as Simple Green. A soft scrubbing tool can help to remove excess materials. See figure 1

    Dry the components and wipe completely with Isopropyl alcohol and allow to evaporate. See figure 2

    Using a kitchen sponge with an abrasive side. Wet and apply hand soap that contains a slight abrasive (LAVA hand soap works very well, or Go-Jo Pumice, citric hand soap), and simply rub onto the affected area of the helmet shell. The unwanted stains will easily be removed. See figure 3

    NEVER USE STEEL WOOL TO PERFORM THIS TASK. It will deeply imbed iron particles into the stainless and may cause severe rusting to the component.

    Citric acid or diluted vinegar can be used to passivate stainless steel and remove any light rust. A lemon half works well as a scrubbing tool, and at the same time provides the citric acid to help eliminate small surface particles of rust. Allow enough liquid to deposit on all affected surfaces and allow it to settle for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and re-apply as needed. Rinse again and finish wipe with the Isopropyl alcohol allow to dry completely. Apply at least 2 coats of a good quality paste wax. This will help seal surface porosity to prevent foreign matter from being trapped, which may then rust. See figure 4

    It is best to clean as much of the helmet surfaces as possible, rather than cleaning only affected areas, as this will help prevent any future issues. A basic cleaning and waxing procedure should be performed as part of a routine cleaning regiment.

    Kirby Morgan suggests the use of lemon juice/lemons, or vinegar for the source of acid. These types of acid will help dissolve certain stains, rust and certain residue buildup such as hard water and mineral deposits. Because they are natural and non-toxic, Kirby Morgan highly recommends them for this procedure.


    Below are the links to the two products we recommend (E-NOX Clean and UNO SF, by Walter Surface Technologies).

    Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding use.

    Step #1 for your Stainless Steel Shell or Pod. Use E-NOX Clean - Cleaner/Brightener Gel. Here is the link: http://www.biocircle.com/en_US/products/environmental-solutions/industrial-cleaning-degreasing/e-nox-clean

    Step #2 for your Stainless Steel Shell or Pod. Use UNO SF (as a neutralizer) – High Strength Degreaser. Here is the link: http://www.biocircle.com/en_US/products/environmental-solutions/industrial-cleaning-degreasing/uno-s-f

    For more information regarding cleaning procedure "B" see Bulletin #4 of 2014.


    Kirby Morgan has recently found, tested and approved an excellent cleaner for the Stainless Steel Helmet Shells, Innosoft B570®, and protector, Innoprotect B580®. They are fast acting, ready to use and 100% organic.

    Highly corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel was chosen for the helmets listed above. Though the shells are exceptionally smooth and shiny, it is normal to have a certain amount of porosity on metal surfaces. The appearance of “rust & rust spots” may occasionally form. This is oxidation, not of the stainless steel, but of tiny amounts of foreign material trapped in the surface porosity.

    For more information regarding cleaning procedure "C" see Bulletin #12 of 2016.

    Finish care is a part of regular maintenance.

    NOTE: All new stainless helmet shells are electro chemical cleaned (electropolished) and friction polished to a very smooth exterior surface finish. If so desired, the surface can be brought to a higher luster using basic polishing techniques, (i.e. polishing compounds and light buffing techniques).

  13. Q:
    I am looking for a vacuum test device for the One Way Valve (aka Check valve or Non-return valve). Does Kirby Morgan make this? Where can I get one?

    Kirby Morgan does not make a vacuum controlled test device for our one way valves (555-195). This device was used back in the 1980s (not made by Kirby Morgan) but this tester was phased out long ago. Vacuum controlled one way valve testers are not necessary and are no longer commercially available for our equipment. The current and approved method for testing the one way valve is covered in the Kirby Morgan Owners Operations & Maintenance Manuals.

  14. Q:
    My ears have been injured. I can still SCUBA dive but I must keep my ears dry. Would one of your helmets work for me?

    Kirby Morgan helmets are heavy duty professional life support equipment and are not intended for use with a self-contained gas supply (not intended for SCUBA use). There is no provision for surface swimming once the SCUBA air supply is depleted. This could lead to serious injury or death by suffocation or drowning. We are sorry but Kirby Morgan does not offer a light weight, recreational diving helmet that would keep the ears dry.

  15. Q:
    What is the value of my used, old (or stolen) helmet? Does Kirby Morgan appraise, buy or sell used equipment?

    Kirby Morgan does not handle used equipment, condemned helmets and/or mask frames. We are strictly a production facility and advise that you contact our authorized dealers if you are looking to buy or sell new or used equipment. If you have had a unit stolen and need a value for insurance purposes, we (or your dealer) will be happy to provide you with the current retail price to serve as a replacement value. If you are able to provide us with the serial number we will be happy to give you the age of any unit. However, despite the age, condition can vary greatly from unit to unit depending on usage & maintenance history. For these reasons it is impossible for us to appraise the value of a unit from a serial number or a photo. Proceed with caution on any used gear purchases. If you are able to, have the used equipment inspected by certified, factory trained personnel (most Kirby Morgan dealers) prior to purchase. Most importantly, if bought used, always have your life support equipment inspected as described above before use! Our website Dealers page will show all KM dealers and include information as to whether or not they are a factory certified inspection & maintenance facility.