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Bulletin #09 of 2016

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #9 of 2016
Title Type: 
Maintenance & Repair
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #9 of 2016. September 19, 2016
Bulletin Type: 
Maintenance & Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Twenty Five Years is the Recommended Service Life for Fiberglass Shells, Frames & Yokes

Products Affected / Will Be Affected:

Began Mfg.

SuperLite® 17A/B Helmet Shells P/N 520-065

1976 to present

SuperLite® 17A/B Fiberglass Yokes P/N 520-060

1976 to 1999

KM BandMask® 18 frames, sm hole 520-055

1977 to present

KM BandMask® 18 frames, Lg hole 520-056

1999 to present

MK 21 (Navy) Helmet Shells P/N 520-067

1989 to present

SuperLite® 27® Helmet Shells P/N 520-155

Dec 1991 to present

SuperLite® 17C Helmet Shells P/N 520-160

1994 to present

SuperLite® 17K Helmet Shells P/N 520-162

1999 to 2004

KM 37 Helmet Shells P/N 520-162

2004 to present

KM 47 Helmet Shells P/N 520-163

2005 to present

KM 57 Helmet Shells P/N 520-164

2006 to present

Kirby Morgan finds it necessary to call attention to the fact that, with age and exposure to the elements, fiberglass can lose its integrity, turn brittle and become difficult or impossible to work with. Attempted repairs to such units will be short term at best, and worst, inadequate and dangerous. Repairs often will not “stick” well to aged, brittle or otherwise compromised fiberglass. The condition of the fiberglass that holds the threaded inserts for the port retainer screws is an area of special concern. Weakened material here can make proper insert replacement, repairs or rebuild impossible.

Kirby Morgan recommends replacement of fiberglass shells, frames & yokes that have been in service for twenty five years or more (sometimes fewer than 25 depending on condition). At the very least, these units should be thoroughly inspected at the Kirby Morgan factory or by Dive Lab to determine if they still retain adequate structural integrity. Because of the many safety issues that stem from the condition of underwater life support equipment, we feel units twenty five years and older have reached the end of their service life. Special circumstances, e.g. long term storage and/or infrequent use, may be exceptions—to be determined by the Kirby Morgan factory or by Dive Lab.

Fiberglass manufactured in 1991 or before is 25 years old or older.

To check the date of manufacture of your Kirby Morgan fiberglass product, please email your serial number to [email protected]