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Bulletin # 09 of 2006

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #9 of 2006
Title Type: 
Upgrade Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #9 of 2006. April 20, 2006
Bulletin Type: 
Upgrade Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Tri-Valve® Assembly
Products Affected: 
SuperLite® 27 Helmet

Upgrade for SuperLite®-27 Owners. SuperLite®-27, equipped with the Tri-Valve® Assembly, P/N 525-755, Kirby Morgan® Dive Systems, Inc. This upgrade is a replacement for the old style Water Purge Deflector (pre-November 2005). The new Water Purge Deflector, P/N 505-726, now is equipped with a valve and valve cage assembly. This will help to keep your helmet dry inside and helps to prevent any backflow of water into the helmet.

If you purchased a Tri Valve Kit (P/N 525-755), or a SuperLite® 27 with Tri Valve, prior to November 2005, your helmet may not be equipped with this upgrade.

Contact your local Kirby Morgan® dealer for a replacement if your helmet has the Tri Valve, but is not equipped with this current model.