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Bulletin # 08 of 2009

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Bulletin # 8 of 2009
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New Product
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Bulletin # 8 of 2009 November 23, 2009
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New Product Bulletin
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New Product Kirby Morgan® 37SS Diving Helmet
Bulletin 8 of 2009

Kirby Morgan 37SS Diving Helmet

Kirby Morgan introduces another model in the stainless steel line of diving helmets – the KM 37SS. With all the ruggedness of the KM 77, the clear difference is that the KM 37SS has the SuperFlow® 350 regulator in the pod.

This helmet model shares many components with the KM 77 with the exception of the regulator, bent tube and oral nasal mask.

This helmet is included in the line of Kirby Morgan helmets that have recently completed several months of testing for conformity to the new open circuit surface supplied CE and CR standards. KMDSI is the only manufacturer of diving helmets in the world whose products pass this stringent testing.

Part Number Description Price
500-100 KM 37SS w/posts US Retail $7,166.25
500-101 KM 37SS w/MWP US Retail $7,304.05

A limited supply of helmets will be ready to ship in December 2009. Please call sales at Kirby Morgan for more information and availability.