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Bulletin # 05 of 2011

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Bulletin # 5 of 2011
Title Type: 
New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 5 of 2011. August 22, 2011
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
New Product Maintenance & Repair Log Book, P/N 125-001
Products Affected: 
All complete Helmets and Masks, including part numbers 300-036, 300-036MS, 300-037, 300-038, 300-038MS, 500-010, 500-011, 500-025, 500-026, 500-028, 500-029, 500-040, 500-041, 500-050, 500-051, 500-050NS, 500-051NS, 500-070, 500-071, 500-080, 500-081, 500-090, 500-091, 500-100, 500-101, 500-117, 500-599, 500-600 and 800-050

Effective immediately, the maintenance and repair log book ships free with all newly purchased Kirby Morgan helmets and masks. It will accompany the manual. Additional log books may be purchased through an authorized Kirby Morgan dealer.

The Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., equipment log book has been developed to work with the long standing operational/ maintenance checklists, procedures, and operations/ maintenance manuals for all the KMDSI Helmets and Band Masks. The log book along with the pre, post, monthly and overhaul checklists, available online, provide a means of managing, tracking, and documenting equipment repair, maintenance and use.

The log book is constructed of an all-weather waterproof paper that can be salvaged when fully submersed in water. A complimentary fine point permanent marker is also provided with the log book.

Bulletin 5 of 2011

Kirby Morgan waterproof maintenance and repair log book and pen

U.S. Retail Price: $20.00

For further information, contact your authorized Kirby Morgan® dealer or [email protected]