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Bulletin # 05 of 2006

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Bulletin # 5 of 2006
Title Type: 
Change to Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 5 of 2006. Sept. 1st, 2006
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit # 525-032
Products Affected: 
KMDSI Tri/Quad valve assemblies P/N’s 525-752, 525-755 & 525-759

Effective September 2006, Kirby Morgan® will begin shipping all helmets and BandMasks® with a new whisker clamp system for holding the exhaust Whiskers® in their correct location. This new clamp will hold the Whiskers® in position more securely and is especially important for divers who work in contaminated water, to help ensure a dry exhaust system. The new whisker clamp will work with both the Tri-Valve® and Quad-Valve™ exhaust systems. It eliminates the use of tie-wraps to hold the Whiskers® in place.

A whisker clamp replacement kit, Part #525-032, will also be available for retrofit of all Kirby Morgan® helmets and BandMasks® equipped with the Tri-Valve® or Quad-Valve™ exhaust systems.

For additional information, or to place an order, contact your KMDSI Authorized dealer .

Bulletin 5 of 2006
525-032 Kit Contents
Part # Description Quanity
520-118 Clamp 2
530-008 Screw 2
530-009 Nut 2