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Bulletin #02 of 2015

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Bulletin #2 of 2015
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General Notice
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Bulletin #2 of 2015. February 20, 2015
Bulletin Type: 
General Notice Bulletin
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An Overview of Kirby Morgan SCUBA Regulators Alone, or in SCUBA “Setups”, Paired with the First Stage Regulator.

The 200-120 BALANCED 2nd stage, our newest and only balanced SCUBA regulator, paired with the 305-161 SuperFlow® First Stage, makes SCUBA setup P/N 200-150. This setup provides the smoothest breathing, highest performance regulator for the professional or recreational SCUBA diver.

The 305-166 SuperFlow® Plastic Adjustable 2nd stage, paired with the 305-161 First Stage, makes SCUBA setup P/N 300-266, an easy breathing, SCUBA diver’s regulator.

Our 305-175 Metal Adjustable 2nd stage with the 305-161 First Stage, makes SCUBA setup P/N 300-276 that offers a metal 2nd stage for SCUBA divers that prefer a second stage in a metal housing.

And the 305-171 Octopus Plastic, Non-adjustable regulator serves as the secondary, back up regulator.

Bulletin #2 of 2015

Above SCUBA regulators P/N 200-150, 300-266, 300-276 and 305-171, respectively.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail KMDSI at [email protected] for more information.