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Bulletin #01 of 2015 DIVEX

Interior Title: 
DIVEX Bulletin #01 of 2015
Title Type: 
Kirby Morgan Equipment Maintenance
Bulletin Date: 
October 12, 2015
Bulletin Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Notice of False Training Certificates
Products Affected: 
All Kirby Morgan® Products
False Certificate

Background: JFD Training & Accreditation for Kirby Morgan Equipment Maintenance

JFD Divex is authorised by Kirby Morgan to undertake training of third parties in the maintenance of Kirby Morgan equipment. Third parties trained by JFD Divex in the maintenance of Kirby Morgan equipment are issued with formal Kirby Morgan / Dive Lab, Inc. certification by JFD Divex.

Kirby Morgan, Dive Lab and JFD Divex closely control the certification records of those trained by JFD Divex and this is a procedure that has been in place for many years. The process ensures that the most up to date training is provided by fully qualified trainers, ensuring the maximum safety of the divers using Kirby Morgan equipment.

Notice to Users of Kirby Morgan Equipment

JFD Divex, Kirby Morgan and Dive Lab have recently been made aware of a number of training certificates, bearing JFD Divex branding and which purport to have been signed a JFD Divex trainer, which falsely claim that JFD Divex has trained and certified individuals in the maintenance of Kirby Morgan equipment. An example of such a certificate is provided with this notice. JFD Divex wishes to notify all whom this may concern that these certificates:

  • are false;

  • have not been supplied by JFD Divex;

  • have not been signed by a JFD Divex trainer;

  • relate to individuals who have not been trained by JFD Divex; and

  • may have been presented to users of Kirby Morgan equipment by parties purporting to be certified by JFD Divex in the maintenance of this equipment

What JFD Divex is doing now

JFD Divex is working closely with Kirby Morgan and Dive Lab to identify the extent of this issue and to notify all parties who may be affected. JFD is attempting to distribute this notice to all affected parties with the cooperation and support of Kirby Morgan and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

JFD Divex wishes to reassure all parties receiving this notice that JFD Divex is taking all possible steps to ensure early identification and remedy of such issues regarding validity of training certificates.

What you should do now

JFD Divex only supplies valid training certificates on formal Kirby Morgan/Dive Lab headed certification paper and all certificates are signed by a Kirby Morgan/Dive Lab Authorised Trainer. When using any service provider to maintain your Kirby Morgan equipment you should always request sight of their official Kirby Morgan certification and you should take care to assess the validity documentation using this criteria.

If you are in any doubt about documentation presented to you, or if you have any concerns relating to any of the issues raised in this notice please do not hesitate to contact JFD Divex or Kirby Morgan using the details below.

F.A.O Glyn Gilbert
General Manager - Defence & ISS
JFD Divex
Pressure Products House
Enterprise Drive
AB32 6TQ
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 1224 740145
E: [email protected]
F.A.O Connie Morgan
Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc.
1430 Jason Way
Santa Maria
CA 93455
United States of America
T: (+1) (805) 928-7772
E: [email protected].com
F.A.O Michael F. Ward
Dive Lab, Inc.
1415 Moylan Road
Panama City Beach
FL 32407
United States of America
T: (+1) (850)-235-2715
E: [email protected]

Example of False Training Certificate

False Certificate