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Bulletin # 01 of 2002

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #1 of 2002
Title Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #1 of 2002. July 8, 2002 (Dec. 23, 2003 Update)
Bulletin Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Regulator Exhaust Valve Possible Leakage
Products Affected: 
KMDSI Part #510-552, 305-175, 325-323, 325-325, 505-026, 505-027, 505-068, 505-069, 525-120, 525-255, 525-309

KMDSI presently uses Part #510-552, Regulator Exhaust Valve, identified by part # 510-552 and a mold cavity number molded into the valve. These valves have recently been re-tested and found to have the potential to leak slightly in certain positions.

This is not a life-threatening situation:

Dealers, please advise KMDSI no later than July 15, 2002, what quantity you have in stock of Part #510-552, Regulator Exhaust Valve, which matches the description (having both the part number 510-552 and a mold cavity number). They will be replaced with Part #510-552 non-marked valves.

Customers experiencing abnormally wet conditions in demand regulators in any Kirby Morgan® helmets or BandMasks® should perform an inspection in accordance with the following steps:

1. Remove the demand regulator from the helmet or mask in accordance with the applicable Kirby Morgan® Operations and Maintenance Manual.

2. Remove the exhaust whisker, allowing inspection of the regulator exhaust valve and its seating area.

3. Check to make sure there is no lubricant or foreign substance on the valve or valve seating area.

4. Inspect the valve seating area and the crossbars that hold the valve in place. Make sure that the seating area is clean, flat, and that the the crossbars are not bent. Crossbars that are bent, especially unevenly, will cause the valve to have more pressure on one portion of it, as opposed to having an equal amount of seating pressure all around, which is the correct condition.

5. Straighten the crossbars and clean the valve seat area if necessary. Then install a new replacement valve, Part #510-552 (unmarked). If the diaphragm has been lubricated, carefully clean it with a solution of mild soap and water. Inspect diaphragm for signs of damage and/or contamination in accordance with the applicable Kirby Morgan® Operations and Maintenance Manual.

6. Reassemble the regulator and reinstall.