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Bulletin # 01 of 2001

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #1 of 2001
Title Type: 
Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #1 of 2001. June 11, 2001
Bulletin Type: 
Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
"Painting" (resurfacing) Helmet Shells & Mask Frames
Products Affected: 
All KMDSI Fiberglass Helmet Shells & Fiberglass Mask Frames

If a helmet shell or mask frame is in such condition as to require resurfacing, damages and/or weakened material may go undetected by those not qualified to inspect these parts. These damages can then be hidden from view under a cosmetic coating of paint or gelcoat. Also, critical areas such as o-ring sealing surfaces can be mishandled by untrained individuals.

If an individual paints or gelcoats a part in good condition now, it may require repairs in the future. Proper inspection and repair of the part can be made impossible through a cosmetic coating of paint or gelcoat.Hidden damages and unauthorized "repairs" will compromise the integrity of the fiberglass part. Don't compromise on safety! Always have your helmet shell or mask frame maintained by a KMDSI authorized facility!

Any repair or resurfacing of a DSI® fiberglass helmet shell or mask frame MUST be done by an authorized KMDSI dealer, or by KMDSI. Any such repair or resurfacing done by any other company or individual shall void all warranties, expressed and implied, regarding this KMDSI helmet or mask frame, and use of any such helmet or mask frame following unauthorized repairs may render the helmet or mask frame unsuitable for use, resulting in possible injury or death to the user.

Have your shell or frame resurfaced ONLY through a KMDSI authorized facility!