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Bulletin # 01 of 1997

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Bulletin # 1 of 1997
Title Type: 
New Part Announcement
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 1 of 1997. August, 1997
Bulletin Type: 
New Part Announcement Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
DCS-2A without communications
Products Affected: 

DSI announces it's new Dive Control System 2A with
out communications. Due (0 many requests for a quality
air control box without communications. Div ing Systems International is now making our internationally
known Dive Control System 2A available in a no communications

This DCS-2A has the same air control panel configuration
and optional shutoffs (shown) as our original DCS·
2A. and is housed in the same high quality Case.

DSI Part # 400-018 DCS-2A no communications

Suggested Retail $3000.00

DSI Part # # 400-019 DCS-2A no communications w/shutoffs

Suggested Retail $3350.00