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Bulletin # 01 of 1991

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Bulletin # 1 of 1991
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Bulletin # 1 of 1991. April 26, 1991
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Caution Bulletin
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POSSIBLE LOOSENING OF LATCH CATCH ASSEMBLY PLUNGER (P/N 550-016), SCREW (P/N 530-205), AND SPRING (P/N 535-801) on the SuperLite 17 A/B Helmet.

SuperLite 17 AlB helmets have had the plunger (PIN 550-016) on the Latch Catch Assembly (PIN 505-015) loosen from its mating screw (PIN 530-205). The Neck ClampYoke Assemblies (PIN 505-006) did not open as the plunger (PIN 550-·016) serves as a secondary locking device, the Handle Bail seating area in the Latch Catch Body (560-034) holds the Handle Bail in place.

Refer to your KIRBY -MORGAN SUPERLITE-17 AlB HELMET OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL page 48, section READ #'s 1,2 & 3. If the screw (11) in your Latch Catch Assembly is capable of unscrewing with minimal force, (see #3), proceed with #4 and then proceed with section # If the screw will not unscrew after using little or no force, do not proceed any further. IF YOU HAVE UNSCREWED THE SCREW EVEN THE SLIGHTEST AMOUNT, PROCEED TO SECTION

If you are not confident regarding your ability to perform these procedures and would like to have DSI inspect your Latch Catch Assembly, refer to page 47, section #1, remove your Latch Catch Assembly and send it to DSI. We will inspect, and if necessary, repair it at no cost to the owner.