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Bulletin #04 of 2019

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #4 of 2019
Title Type: 
Maintenance and Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #4 of 2019. July 3, 2019
Bulletin Type: 
Maintenance & Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Maintenance Inspection Timetable for KMDSI Helmets and BandMasks
Products Affected: 
All Kirby Morgan® helmets and BandMasks®

Kirby Morgan recommends the following service interval minimums for helmets being used under good conditions. Helmets used in contaminated water, burning or welding operations, or heavy jetting must be serviced more frequently.

KMDSI and Dive Lab, Inc. recommend using maintenance and inspection checklists prior to conducting dive operations, post dive operations and for manufacturer recommended scheduled maintenance.

Daily Maintenance    A2.3 EGS Daily Set-up & Functional Checklist
A daily SET-UP and Functional Checklist should be completed prior to commencement of daily diving operations or at least once a day if being used during continuous diving.

Post Dive    A2.6 Post Dive Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection Checklist
After the dive, follow the instructions on the appropriate Post Dive Checklist for the Kirby Morgan product you are using.

Monthly    A2.2 Monthly Inspection & Maintenance Checklist
Appendix A2.2 is the minimum recommended maintenance and should be performed at least ONCE A MONTH with helmet(s) in continuous use (used for more than 20 diving days in a month) or at least every TWO (2) MONTHS, with Helmet(s) used less than 10 diving days a month.

Overhaul    A2.1 Overhaul, Maintenance & Inspection Checklist
Performed at least annually or as dictated by condition revealed during Daily/Monthly inspection. Monthly inspections determine necessity for overhaul with more accuracy than simply placing a number of hours of use.


KMDSI strongly recommends that all repairs be performed by trained Personnel. Owners of equipment that are not trained and certified to perform maintenance and repairs do so against the recommendations of KMDSI and Dive Lab and at their own risk. Certified technician training is available to all users. Persons posing as certified / authorized KMDSI technicians pose a serious potential hazard to anyone using the equipment.

NOTE: When performing the A2.1, as a scheduled overhaul, all O-rings and exhaust valves should be replaced. When using the A2.1 as an “inspection” only, in-between annual overhauls, O-rings and exhaust valves may be reused if inspection reveals the soft goods are serviceable.

The most current checklists can be found here

NOTE: These checklists should be used in conjunction with the most current KMDSI Modular Operations and Maintenance Manual. Please reference the KMDSI web page here for the most current information.

Please contact your authorized KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.