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Bulletin #03 of 2019

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #3 of 2019
Title Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #3 of 2019. June 18, 2019
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
P/N 510-776 Exhaust Valve Color of Material Changed from Clear to Black
Products Affected: 
205-025 Regulator Body Assembly, 225-120 Rebuild Kit, Balanced Scuba Regulator, 505-085 Regulator Body Assembly, 505-560 SS Balanced Reg Assy, Superflow 450, 505-725 Tri Valve Assembly, 505-729 Tri Valve Assembly, SL27, 505-730 Quad Valve Exhaust Assembly, 505-758 350 REGULATOR POD ASSEMBLY, 505-776 455 REGULATOR POD ASSEMBLY, 525-217 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit, 57, 525-218 Helmet Spares Kit, 57, 525-356 Kit, Soft Goods, 37/17K/17C/57 w/455 Reg, 525-358 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, 18/28, 525-359 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, 27 w/455 Reg., 525-360 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, 17A/B, 525-363 Kit,Soft Goods Overhaul, K/37/C, 525-364 Soft Goods Kit, KM97, 525-365 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, 27, 525-367 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul 18/28 w/455 Reg, 525-368 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, KM 47, 525-370 Helmet Spares Kit, KM 97, 525-377 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, KM 77, 525-378 Helmet Spares Kit, KMDH 77, 525-380 Kit, Soft Goods Overhaul, KM 37 S.S., 525-381 Helmet Spares Kit, KM 37 S.S., 525-718 Reg. Rebuild Kit, S.S. Balanced, 525-752 Tri-Valve Exhaust Kit, 525-755 Tri-Valve Exhaust Kit, SL27, 525-763 Conversion Kit, 450 Regulator For SL 27, 525-764 Kit, REX Whisker Exhaust, 525-767 Rebuild Kit, 455 Balanced Regulator

We will be shipping the exhaust valves P/N 510-776 in the color black as soon as our stock of the original clear valve runs out.

The material will remain the same, but the durometer has changed to decrease exhaust resistance, lowering the overall work of breathing. The black color designates the durometer change. Any old stock of the clear valves can be used without issue.

Bulletin #11 of 2014

The previous color was clear. There will be no change in part numbers and no change in price. There will be no exchanges offered.

No change to associated procedures for maintenance of the valve are necessary

Please contact your authorized KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.