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Bulletin #07 of 2018

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #7 of 2018
Title Type: 
Discontinuation of Product Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #7 of 2018. August 24, 2018
Bulletin Type: 
Discontinuance Of Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
525-102 Double Exhaust Kit 17A/B, 525-130 Front Weight Kit, 17A/B, 525-103, 550-087 are Discontinued
Products Affected: 
525-102 Double Exhaust Kit, 17A/B, 550-087 Double Exhaust Body, 525-103 Double Exhaust, Whisker Only, 510-558 Double Exhaust Whisker, 525-130 Front Weight Kit, 17A/B

Kirby Morgan has discontinued the Double Exhaust Kit and its components. This kit was designed for the SuperLite® 17A/B helmet. In addition, the SL 17A/B Front Weight Kit has been discontinued.

Bulletin #7 of 2018

The Double Exhaust was an early system used on the SuperLite 17A/B helmet. Made for diving in polluted water, it was designed to help prevent water back-flow into the helmet. The QUAD-VALVE exhaust (standard as of Feb 2005) eliminated the need for the double exhaust 14 years ago.

The front weight kit was made to add two pounds to the SL17A/B helmet. The front weight came out long before the QUAD-VALVE exhaust system. The reason for its discontinuation was that the mount position of the weight (on the water dump valve) prevented upgrade to the Quad Valve Exhaust system.

The remaining supply of 525-130 Front Weight Kits is limited to stock on hand. Once this is gone we will not reorder.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.