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Bulletin #05 of 2018

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #5 of 2018
Title Type: 
Safety Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #5 of 2018. July 12, 2018
Bulletin Type: 
Safety Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Counterfeit Kirby Morgan® 28 BandMasks®

Subject: DANGER & fraud posed to users of counterfeit KMB 28 BandMask® with counterfeit 455 regulator.

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc.,® (KMDSI) has received a counterfeit KMB 28 that is solicited as a Genuine Kirby Morgan product.

KMDSI has inspected and conducted laboratory and man testing on the counterfeit KMB 28 with findings that are well below the KMDSI standard for safety.

Bulletin #5 of 2018

The counterfeit KMB 28 BandMask® VISUALLY APPEARS to be the same as a genuine KMB 28, but looks are deceiving.

Man testing has proved that the counterfeit KMB 28 has SEVERE breathing limitations once it is in the water. This causes KMDSI concern that use could lead to serious injury or death.

This counterfeit is being sold out of China by:

Proprietor: Mr. Li Daichen
Selling through: made-in-china.com
Export Manager: Mr. Wen Da
http://www.taidamachinery.com/ Selling through: Taobao.com

For the welfare of the diver KMDSI strongly emphasizes the importance of ONLY purchasing KMDSI products directly from an authorized KMDSI dealer. A complete list of our dealers is available on our website: http://www.kirbymorgan.com/dealers.

When purchasing new or used, one can always check KMDSI authenticity by sending serial numbers directly to [email protected] for verification.

Be alert, be informed; purchase and use only
Genuine KMDSI Products.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.