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Bulletin # 03 of 2014

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Bulletin #3 of 2014
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Change To Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #3 of 2014
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Maintenance Manuals in New Modular Format on USB Flash Drive
Products Affected: 
All Kirby Morgan Helmets & BandMasks®

Kirby Morgan® is happy to announce our new USB flash drive containing a Modular formatted Manual for helmets, and soon BandMasks®. The USB Modular Manuals will take the place of our previous, printed, hard copy manuals.

Bulletin 3 of 2014

Pictured above is the USB flash drive

Currently, only the KM 97 and KM 37 helmets are shipping with the USB Modular Manuals. All other helmet models and both BandMasks® will be changing over to the USB flash drive Modular Manual in the near future.

The new modular format is also available on our website, for all helmet models at http://www.kirbymorgan.com/support/manuals-exploded-views.

KMACS-5 and EXO® BR Full Face Mask Manuals will be unaffected, as well as M48 SuperMask® & M48 MOD 1 Full Face Mask User Guides.

The Modular Manual features:

  • The most up to date information and photographs.
  • Easy “updatability” due to the electronic, modular format.
  • It is downloadable and printable from our website, free of charge.
  • A format divided into sections containing information in common with other models. For example, the Quad Valve & Tri Valve® Exhaust section or “module” shares the same content among all current Kirby Morgan® helmets.

Our original, printed version manuals are still available on our website. On the Manuals page found under “Support”, simply select “Pre April 2014” at the upper right. Original manuals remain available on the website for the purpose of “match up” reference with what many customers and dealers currently have on hand.

Remember, for the most up to date information, see the current Modular Manuals.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail KMDSI at [email protected] for more information.