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SuperLite 17B


SL17b Top Tab

SuperLite® 17B Inside

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  • 500-010 SL 17B Helmet w/Posts
  • 500-011 SL 17B Helmet w/MWPC

Neck Dam Sidebar Main tab 17b

Standard Drawstring Neck Dam

  • Neoprene (Medium)
  • (click image to enlarge)
Part No. Description Neck Size
510-533 Drawstring Neckdam
-This is a trim to fit Neck dam covering sizes small thru large
510-643 Drawstring Neckdam, Extra Large 17”-20"

Cold Water Neck Dam

  • Neoprene
  • (click image to enlarge)
Part No. Description Neck Size
510-652 Small 12"-15"
510-531 Medium 14"-17"
510-530 Large 16"-19"
510-653 X-Large 17"-20"

Pre '84 Neck Dam

  • Neoprene (Medium)
  • (click on image to enlarge)
Part No. Description Neck Size
510-649 Small 12"-15"
510-528 Medium 14"-17"
510-650 Large 16"-19"
510-651 X-Large 17"-20"


  • SuperFlow® Regulator
    The 505-027 SuperFlow® "B" regulator on the SuperLite® 17B offers high performance. The regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. It meets all current U.S. Navy and European diving standards.
  • Air Train
    The air train diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.
  • Brass Handle
    Handle can be removed without breaking seals, making it quick and easy to attach accessories.
  • Chin & Yoke Strap Kit
    The SL-17B Helmet ships with a low profile strap system designed to retain the helmet to the neck clamp/yoke assembly in the event these two main components accidentally become separated.
  • Defogging Steady Flow Valve
    Provides an additional flow of gas into the helmet for ventilation and defogging.
  • Emergency (EGS) Valve
    Supplies backup breathing gas to the diver.
  • Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Shell.
    Kirby Morgan® has over 50 years experience in composite laminations. The helmet shell is hand laid up glass fiber reinforced thermal setting polyester (fiberglass) with carbon fiber reinforcement at key points for added durability. It is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor.
  • Gas Supply Non-Return Valve
    Commercially Rated™ It prevents loss of gas pressure in the event of umbilical damage.
  • Nose Block Device
    Allows the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.
  • Side Block
    Multi use side block has additional ports built in to provide controlled air flow, if needed.
  • Silicone Oral Nasal Mask
    Made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic and has a longer work life than latex.
  • Whisker Wings
    Bubble deflecting Whisker wings keep bubbles further from face port and ears, improving visibility and decreasing internal noise.