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M-48 MOD-1


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M-48 MOD-1

The M-48 MOD-1 is the next generation of the popular original M-48 mask.

It still features the unique 2-cavity design. This allows the lower pod to be removed while topside to conserve air, and allows normal speech while diving. It may also be used with a variety of different communication systems.

The lower pod is also removable under water to allow making gas switches, and to share gas in the event of an emergency. The evolution of the mask has given way to a dramatic increase in visibility, an improved buckle system, 5 leg straps, a mechanical equalizing device, and a variety of options for mounting external components, (lights, cameras etc.).

All of the components have been strengthened to bring this mask to a commercial level of ruggedness you will not find in ANY other lightweight full face mask. Future innovations for the mask are underway and because this mask has many available mounting options, it will be able to accept new components by Kirby Morgan, thus making it truly MODULAR.


    • Part # 805-175
      with 200-130
      M-48 MOD-1 with Balanced Scuba Regulator

    • Part # 805-175
      with 805-015
      M-48 MOD-1 with SCUBA Pod Assembly

    • Part # 805-175
      M-48 MOD-1 Mask, No POD

    • Part # 200-130
      SCUBA Pod Assy, w/ Balanced Scuba Regulator


  • 200-125 Balanced SCUBA Regulator Assembly for M-48 SuperMask® and MOD-1
    Balanced SCUBA Regulator Assembly for M-48 SuperMask® and MOD-1
    Part# 200-125
  • Scuba Pod Assy, with Balanced Scuba Reg
    Part# 200-130
  • Overpressure Relief Valve Rebuild Kit
    Part# 225-017
  • Balanced SCUBA Regulator rebuild Kit
    Part# 225-120
  • SCUBA Pod Assembly with Tilt-to-Purge
    Part# 805-015
  • 805-026 SCUBA Pod Assembly with Balance Purge Tube
    SCUBA Pod Assembly with Balance Purge Tube
    Part# 805-026
  • T-Bit Pod Basic Maintenance Kit
    Part# 825-005
  • Rebreather Pod Regulator Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-010
  • Rebreather Pod Soft Goods Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-015
  • Rebreather Pod with Switchover Regulator Annual Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-025
  • Overseas Spares Kit for M-48
    Part# 825-028
  • Switchover Regulator Kit
    Part# 825-030