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BandMask 18


KMB18 Top Tab

BandMask® 18

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  • 500-025 KMB® 18B BandMask w/bare wire posts
  • 500-026 KMB® 18B BandMask w/MWPC

Standard Color

  • yellow
hood face seal

BandMask<sup>&reg;</sup>18 Bandmasks Hood and Face Seal

BandMask® 18/28 Face Seal Sizing Instructions

Download the Kirby Morgan BandMask® 18/28 Face Seal Sizing Chart to find your specific combination of hood and face seal sizes.

    • KMB® 18 with SuperFlow® 350

    • KMB® 18 with 455 Balanced


  • Manual 18/28
    This is your operations and maintenance manual. It is a writable USB flash drive which enables you to add or subtract the manual PDF sections as they are updated or when you purchase new Kirby Morgan products.
  • Logbook w/ pen
  • Over Pressure Relief Valve

    The Kirby Morgan® Overpressure Relief Valve is factory adjusted to vent any time the pressure in the low pressure hose connecting the bailout bottle to your emergency valve exceeds 200 P.S.I. It is installed in any of the low pressure ports in the first stage regulator.

  • Hard Shell
  • Restrictor Adapter

    The 555-210 Restrictor Adapter should be used when an inflation hose is attached to the side block when drysuit diving. The main purpose of the Restrictor Adapter is to limit gas flow in the event the hose ruptures or is severed, and to ensure the loss of supply would not be great enough to significantly affect the diver’s breathing at moderate to heavy work rates. It also helps prevent filling the dry suit too rapidly.

    NOTE: O-ring 310-003 is required to install the Restrictor Adaptor onto the side block.