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SuperLite 17B


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SuperLite® 17B

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  • 500-010 SL 17B Helmet w/Posts
  • 500-011 SL 17B Helmet w/MWPC

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  • SL-17 Neck Clamp & Yoke Assemblies
    Part# 505-008
  • Latch Catch Assembly
    Latch Catch Assembly: Pull Pin Type
    Part# 505-010
  • SuperLite 17 Head Cushion Foam Replacement Kit
    Part# 510-523
  • SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-528
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-531
  • SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam
    Part# 510-533
  • XL Drawstring Neck Dam Installation Procedures
    Part# 510-643
  • Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Part# 515-033
  • Terminal Block Kit
    Part# 515-061
  • O-Ring Kit, SL 17B/NS & MK-21
    Part# 525-023
  • Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Part# 525-032
  • Double Exhaust Kit for 17 A/B/K
    Part# 525-102
  • Double Exhaust Whisker
    Whisker Only, Double Exhaust for 17A/B/K

    For 17B helmets still equipped with the early style double exhaust (instead of the current Quad Valve) replacement double exhaust whiskers are still available.

    Part# 525-103
  • Insert Testing Block Kit
    Part# 525-115
  • Front Weight Kit for SL-17 and MK-21
    Part# 525-130
  • SL 17 Strap Kit
    Chin & Yoke Strap Kit
    The SL-17B Helmet ships with a low profile strap system designed to retain the helmet to the neck clamp/yoke assembly in the event these two main components accidentally become separated.
    Part# 525-234
  • Regulator Rebuild Kit
    525-309 Regulator Rebuild Kit
    For Helmets & KMB-BandMasks® with the “A”/“B” or SuperFlow® 350 Regulator.
    Part# 525-309
  • Side Block Rebuild Kit
    Side Block Kit
    Part# 525-311
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17A/B
    Part# 525-317
  • One Way Valve Kit
    One Way Valve Kit
    Part# 525-330
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17B N/S Mod. 1 Helmets
    Part# 525-345
  • Soft Goods Kit
    Part# 525-360
  • Regulator Tool Kit with Pouch
    Tool Kit with Pouch
    Part# 525-620
  • Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-752
  • Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-759
  • Quad-Valve Cover Kit for SL-17A/B/C/K and 37
    Part# 525-762
  • SuperFlow® Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-773
  • ‘A’ Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-777