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The EXO Full Face Mask was designed for both surface supplied and scuba diving.

By enclosing the diver's eyes, nose and mouth, the EXO permits nearly normal speech when used in conjunction with most wireless, and all hardwire underwater communication systems. Its light weight design allows divers to work long dives without jaw or neck fatigue. This mask has a modular communications design that permits rapid and simple maintenance. An optional Hard Shell gives added surfaces for mounting lights, cameras etc. The ear equalization device, a nose block which is adjustable to several different heights, fits a wide variety of noses and faces. The oral nasal helps keep the CO2 levels to a minimum and improves breathing and communications.

The BALANCED REGULATOR EXO-BR was developed to meet strict new European CE requirements.and is fully CE approved as well as U.S. Navy approved. It meets and surpasses EN 250 requirements for regulator performance. The EXO-BR frame is the same safety yellow as the standard SuperLite Helmets and KMB 18 Bandmasks.

The EXO-BR Balanced Regulator helps reduce the work of breathing for the diver. The regulator balances the intermediate air pressure against the valve sealing pressure inside the regulator. This enables the regulator to instantly adjust to changes in line pressure. The Balanced Regulator provides improved breathing and is adjustable for a wide range of intermediate pressures between 100 PSI - 230 PSI.


  • 300-036 EXO-BR Mask, No Comms.
  • 300-037 EXO-BR w/Comm. Posts
  • 300-038 EXO-BR w/Comm. MWP
  • EXO-BR Masks



EXO-BR 4.65 pounds

Mask Frame:

Mask Frame Polycarbonate


Tempered Glass

Face Seal:

Neoprene Blend

Regulator Body:

Nylon ABS Blend


Stainless Steel & Chromed Brass





Recommended Lubricants:

Christo-Lube®, Dow Corning® MS4 Silicone Lubricant. Krytox® and Halocarbon® are also acceptable.


The EXO Balanced Regulator has been CE approved in Europe for scuba use in conjunction with the KMDSI First Stage Regulator and Overpressure Relief Valve.

Cage Code:

The cage code for identifying KMDSI products for U.S. government purposes is 58366.

CR Standards:

These helmets meet or exceed all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.

CE Approved:

The EXO-BR is CE Approved. (view examination certificate) (view declaration)

Operational Specifications & Limitations:

The CE approved EXO-BR complies with EN 15333-1:2008/AC:2009 (Class C). The EXO-BR has been CE tested for scuba use with the KMDSI SuperFlow first stage regulator. The EXO-BR has also been CE tested for surface supplied umbilical diving. Regardless of the mode being employed, all components used with, or in conjunction with the EXO-BR must be CE approved.

Air Supply Pressure:

All Kirby Morgan masks and helmets are designed for a maximum working supply pressure of 225 psig (15.5 bar). What this actually means is the gas train components i.e., intermediate supply hose, demand regulator and manifold assemblies are designed to operate at gas supply pressures of up to 225 psig (15.5 bar) above the surrounding ambient pressure.

The regulator adjustment knob is capable of holding back this pressure, with a little bias in reserve. This is so the professional working diver can adapt the helmet or mask to various types of supply systems found on dive stations throughout the world. It is not the intention that the mask or the helmet be normally operated at the high end pressure 225 psig. The normal maximum supply pressure to the EXO-26 BR should be dictated by the depth and selected in accordance with the specification lists for the mode of diving being employed.